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We'll find out about your hopes, your dreams and your current finances, in order to draw your complete investment plan.

Evaluate Your Situation

We'll do the number crunching to develop your personal strategy and analyse your current investments and financial situation.

Your Financial Plan

Receive your personal financial plan. We will highlight where you are financially, providing an investment strategy and actionable steps for the future.


We'll implement your new strategy, leaving you to relax and achieve your goals.

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On-going Monthly Support

Financial decisions are difficult. That's why we show you exactly what your plan is, and how it will affect your investments. We do that before you pay us any money.

We provide insight into all your accounts, no matter where they are held. This gives your investment portfolio the suitable allocations, in order to maximise returns and the specified level of risk. It also gives you peace of mind, so you can focus on other things.

There are times when you need to speak to someone about your finances. Our financial advisers offer their professional expertise and insight to help guide your financial decisions. We love talking with clients and we're available via chat, phone, Facetime or email. Get started now and book a time to chat with us.

*The value of pensions and investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your money back guarantee real?

It certainly is. We're so sure that you'll see the massive impact financial planning can have on your life, that if you're unimpressed we'll hand you your money back. It hasn't happened yet!

How do Wealth Help's fees compare with other planners?

Whilst we wouldn't say we're the cheapest on offer, we do believe our service is the best around. We like to think in terms of value for money we win hands down!

Are you only based online?

We are based online and offline. Obviously we do exist in the real world, but by offering our service online we make sure we are truly accessible to everyone in the UK. You can see our faces using Skype and Facetime or chat over the phone. If you are located in the Midlands we are happy to travel out to meet you. We try and save the planet by not having to travel around the country in our cars!

Can I not sort this all out for myself?

You can of course sort your finances out yourself, but we strongly believe that the knowledge we have at Wealth Help can vastly improve your financial situation now and in the future. We believe having a plan in place will ensure you achieve your goals in life.

Can I work with a Financial Planner located near me?

If you live in the Midlands then we can travel out to meet you, but we use the best that there is of technology to deliver our service where possible. This ensures we can help save the planet and not have to travel around the country.

I don't know anything about personal finance! Is Wealth Help for me?

Absolutely. We will help show where you are at present with your finances and guide you towards your goals and objectives for the future. Our service is jargon free and we do make understanding your finances like child's play.

Can I use this service to plan my families finances?

Without question, yes! The concept of Financial Planning is to ensure you and your family know exactly where you are in terms of your finances. Life is complicated and the number of people involved in a financial plan always goes beyond just one individual.

I don't live in the UK. Is that a problem?

The honest answer here is, "it depends". For specific financial product advice we can only cater for the UK, but to discuss budgeting and putting a financial plan in place we can help anyone. However, It would be up to you to implement this plan if you live outside of the UK .

I'm only looking for investment advice. Is your service suitable?

Yes, we are suitable, but we do have a small difference from other Wealth and Asset Manager companies. This difference is, we will make sure we have a financial plan in place before investing a single penny of your money. We will ensure we truly know what your future hopes, dreams and aspirations are for the money you have to invest. We will ask "why" a lot, in order to make sure we invest your money in the right places at the right time. We will calculate the return you need on your money, based on the lifestyle you want to live rather than merely just to maximize returns.

Can you tell me at what age I might be able to retire?

Yes, we can. We are big believers in Cashflow forecasting and analysis. This analysis enables us to use computer software to highlight where in our clients lives they may run out of money. This is the single most valuable piece of information we use to plan our clients financial futures. Ensuring our clients do not run out of money is the key thing we look to achieve.

I'm a business owner is this service suitable for me?

Yes it certainly is. We find that business owners make great clients as they understand the concept of cashflow forecasting, but often neglect to use it within their personal finances. As business owners there are various sources of income which need to be used tax efficiently when putting a financial plan together. The financial planning requirements can often be more complex for business owners and we would certainly urge all business owners to have a personal financial plan in place.

Do you invest funds on my behalf?

Yes, we do. We are fully qualified in all areas of financial advice and we can manege any investments or pensions ourselves. In order to ensure we can keep your investments in line with the requirements of your financial plan, by having everything under one roof we can organise your finances more efficiently.

Do I get to work with the same financial planner?

Of course you do! We are big believers in forming a great relationship with all of our clients. It always helps when you get to speak to the same person everytime. We are all friendly though, if you did have to talk to anyone else at Wealth Help you would be very well looked after!

How do I get billed?

For the initial one time setup fee we charge £350. Once you are completely happy that you have received value for money, we a minimum monthly payment of £100 in order to keep on top of any changes which may need to be made to this plan as circumstances may change over time.

Is Wealth Help for everyone?

Wealth Help can certainly be suitable for many people. We would suggest that we wouldn't be suitable if you have no household income, if you are in danger of being made bankrupt, if your minimum credit card re-payments exceed your income or if you were looking for a way to receive unrealistic returns on investments.

There are of course exceptions, so please feel free to get in touch.

What is the process to get started?

Schedule an appointment with us by hitting the "Get Started" buttons on our site or simply pick up the phone and call 0116 380 0707 or email From here we will discuss how we can help you and determine that we are a suitable match for one another. We will get to know you and analyse your financial situation and determine your goals for the future. Should you want to proceed, (why wouldn't you), we can produce a plan for you and then implement this plan using any financial products that may be required.

How do you define success?

We believe our success comes from helping you achieve your goals. Whatever your goals may be, they are different for all, so long as at the end of the process you're living the life you want, we've achieved success for you.

Why should Wealth Help manage my money?

The key driver in our money management and investment philosophy, is ensuring that our clients money is returning the required level of return to ensure their goals and objectives are achieved. We won't take undue risks with your money to proclaim our investment guru status. We will sensibly manage your money, leveraging the best of people and technology, to help you achieve your goals in life.

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